The Good News Today 24.11.21

Written by on November 24, 2021

Electricity generated from Bioo

Pablo Vidarte is a Spanish inventor. He’s developed a biological system which can both generate power, store information, and absorb CO2. What an amazing invention.

Pablo says “Imagine being in the middle of a park, or a street, and being able to touch a plant and turn on the lights of that specific area. Imagine storing the memories of humanity itself in nature. Imagine storing voice messages in a library that is in an open field where you can go and touch the plants, and communicate, and interact with them. That is what we do here at Bioo.

Nanotechnology engineers, and biologists have volunteered their time to make biological batteries a reality. It’s taken a year to create a prototype, and for an investor to come on board. Now Bioo is transforming the environment, by turning plants into biological switches, and generating renewable energy directly from organic soil decomposing. They have an anode and cathode like a traditional battery, however organic matter is used instead of things like lithium, as fuel. For further info click the link below.



GOOD NEWS 23.11.21


River Thames reborn!

The river Thames in London was declared ‘biologically dead’ in 1958, after 100 years of pollutants being poured into the waters, including sewage causing the ‘great stink’.

115 plus species of fish, now provide food for over 3 species of shark, which are swimming above a river bottom populated by seahorses and eels.

“Today the river is home to a myriad of wildlife as diverse as London itself” says Andrew Terry in the forward of a report published by the zoological society, where Terry is the Director of conservation & Policy.

Since the year 2000 there have been two species of seal, the avocet – a wading bird is now thriving, having come back from the edge of extinction since WWII.

To help improve the river’s water quality a new Super Sewer to cope with London’s large and expanding population is due to be completed in 2025. However, we still need to find a solution to the micro plastics polluting the water. There are bacteria which can eat plastics being trialed in other locations.

Airless Tyres - longer lasting, fuel saving, and recyclable,

These new uptis airless tyres are made by Michelin, who said passengers couldn’t tell the difference between these & traditional tyres. The new Uptis is as revolutionary as the radial tyre was in the 1940’s. This tyre solves all the problems from the last 80 years, of punctures, pressure loss & irregularities, and side wall damage all in one product. This will help with environmental impact, by reducing tyre purchase due to damage by 18% globally. Michelin are on course for the product launch in Asia in 2024 say AutoExpress.

Quote of the Day

It always seems impossible, until its done. – ~Nelson Mandela

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