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16.02.22Beverley Jones

Beverley Jones


Beverley Jones of Awaken photographed in Monmouth on 17 December 2020
(Picture by Nick Morrish)

Beverley Jones is a Mentor and Well-Being Consultant to both small businesses and large corporates,
her passion is helping others not go where she went when she travelled a journey through burnout.
Her work gives her the opportunity to share her expertise across many areas of business; her well-
being seminars include the 7 signs you are not coping and how to identify them in yourselves and
others, she also shares tips for self–care to ensure that wellbeing is always forefront of your mind
and is top of everyone’s agenda.
Her motto’s, are ‘Always be Kind’ and ‘Keep things Simple’
As an author, speaker and consultant she will inspire you to greatness. Her vision as shares her
knowledge and experiences is that at least one person in every audience will be encouraged to live a
simple life therefore avoiding overwhelm and the path to burnout !

Contact details
Telephone 07502375714

15.02.22Helen Corsi-Cadwell

Helen Corsi-Cadwell

I’m Helen, a multi award winning certified Business, Fertility, Mindset Master Coach and Consultant who is passionate about helping others succeed. An entrepreneur from a young age, I successfully grew a large retail and property brand across South Wales and Bristol.

In 2013 as a start up and at the end of a recession I successfully brought the Joint Venture partnership of Tiger Stores (Now Flying Tiger Copenhagen) to Wales and Bristol. Turning over more than £6million, creating over 150 jobs in the local economy and opening 9 stores across the region, I exited the business in 2018.

In 2016 my life changed when I nearly lost my life trying to start a family, which led me to take a deeper look into my mindset and a positive way of thinking.

I now offer my services in coaching and consulting and am a specialist business advisor offering all levels of support. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset and creating partnerships with purpose and alignment. I help people get out of their own way, develop their self worth and help them move forward with ease in their life.


Michelle is a wife to Rick and mum of two, runner, cold-water dipper, feeler of all feelings, and a lover of beach fires and toasted marshmallows. They all live in Cardiff with their rescue dogs Finn & Pixie. As a coach, mentor, speaker, business owner & creator of the #selfcareismysuperpower brand, she is also a Dr and transitioned around a decade ago from being a soil scientist to serving others through coaching and speaking. Holding space for women who want to reconnect more to their own cycle, inner wisdom, joy and freedom. For women who want to rediscover their power and use it to create magic in the world, Michelle leads and coaches with her Simply Sisterhood community, reminding women that Selfcare is their Superpower, and teaching women how to live a life led by pleasure and desire, rather than pushing and striving. Michelle works with clients privately and hosts workshop days and retreats. She founded the Martha’s Dancing Heart appeal with her husband Rick, after their daughter Martha was born with a rare heart condition, and has raised over £80,000 to support neonatal and kids cardiac care.

26.01.22Paula Burns
Life lessons from my mum – Paula Burns
I am who I am because of my mum. The stories that she shared with my brother and sister and I as we grew had all the life lessons we needed to navigate our way through life.
Some of the stories we heard numerous times but they were always used in the context of what we had to learn during a particular situation; and they always made so much sense.
My mum was extremely wise. We lost her 21 years ago, but we will never lose the lessons.
This episode is dedicated to Dorcas Burns
19.01.22Hannah Pekary
Hannah Pekary

Hannah Pekary is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs to create healthy relationships in their businesses and personal lives; creating healthy habits so they are well equipped to work through their limiting beliefs, money mindset and more, so creating their true identity.


Before starting a coaching business, Hannah worked for 15 years as a dance teacher, and professional dancer, whilst also training to become a teacher and running a successful tutoring business. Before and during this time, Hannah nannied for numerous families, supporting them to create healthy habits. Hannah now helps these entrepreneurial mums to create their own businesses and lifestyles full of freedom and joy.


Hannah lives on the Welsh coastline and loves to take unwinding walks with her dog, breathing in the salty air.


Hannah enjoys baking for any occasion, and loves to spend time with her family.


Hannah is available for Business coaching, both 1:1 coaching, and through her courses.

Website –

12.01.22Guest Peter Burns
Peter Burns
Peter Burns is a leadership expert and has over 30 years of leadership and management experience. His professional background includes 20 years of service with the United States Army Signal Corps (retired) and recently retired after 21 years at Nokia as the Commercial
Tendering Manager for North America. Peter is the President and CEO of the Bridge
Delivery Service, a last mile delivery service partner for Amazon Logistics. Peter has
a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix and
completed the Entrepreneurial Development series with the University of Texas at
Dallas (UTD).
Peter is actively involved in his church and his community, serving as a Board
member for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Frisco Education Foundation, Frisco
Public Art Board and Junior Achievement of Dallas. He serves on the Leadership
Frisco Advisory Council, Program Manager for the Frisco Young Entrepreneurs
Academy (YEA!) and is Chairman of Mindbender Academy, a Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Math (STEaM) camp that encourages students to consider
STEAM as a profession.
Peter has received a Congressional Veteran Commendation, was named 2019
Frisco Distinguish Veteran of the Year, was named 2017 Frisco Style Magazine
Person of the Year, 2014 Frisco Chamber Citizen of the Year, received the Badmus
Law firm 2013 Immigrant Spirit Award and runner-up for the Dallas Cowboys
Community Quarterback Award. Peter and his wife Dana live in Frisco.


05.01.22Lorraine Stone
Lorraine Stone

Lorraine’s first customer was back in 1991 when she was approached by a client who had been let down by the shop providing her wedding gown, Lorraine at this time had an established company designing children’s wear that was supplying over a dozen boutiques throughout South Wales,

Her love of silk, lace, hand beading, embroidery and other fine fabrics happily took her into the world of the bridal industry.

All of Lorraine’s dresses are created with passion, taking every detail given by customers into consideration to come up with a perfect design. You could even take in a sentimental piece of fabric from your mothers or grandmother’s wedding dress or a christening gown and incorporate it into your own very special wedding dress. It’s a lot more affordable than you would think, just trust Lorraine and her understanding of fabrics and dressmaking to come up with something that’s just right for you.

Lorraine also offers a full alterations service so if you’ve bought your dress from elsewhere and the fit isn’t exactly right or you want more finishing details, she will be happy to help. 

29.12.21Guest Madie

Mandy Withers 

Mandy started her career in the Pharmaceutical Industry, working in the fields of Quality, Training and Human Resources. She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to resolving complex people issues in the Workplace. She started her own Human Resources Consultancy, Talk HR Solutions in October 2005 providing flexible outsourced employer services to SME’s. 

22.12.21Guest Laura


Hey 👋🏻 I’m Laura and a mum to two teenage boys!

We help women and mums fight fatigue and feel fantastic with some simple swaps to their nutrition. No diets ⛔️ No deprivation ⛔️

We can show you how to have your cake 🎂 and eat just a healthier alternative 😆 Plans fit it perfectly for the whole family!

We have so much fun and love helping you get the results you want with a budget that suits you. Or

15.12.21Guest Emma
Person trainer with several years experience in coaching 121 and group fitness. Currently coaching from a private gym based in Cwmbran, kitted out with high quality equipment to deliver sessions with a variety of training styles.
Currently studying to qualify as a Level 3 GP referral PT and a Level 4 Nutrition & Obesity support coach. 
@vikingvalleyfit on socials
08.12.2021Nicola Reekie

Nicola Reekie is on a mission to spread awareness of PDA. Her aim is to empower parents to believe in themselves so they can let go of unrealistic expectations on how family life should be and enjoy the reality of life living with PDA. 

As the Founder of the PDA Space and host of the PDA Summit, she does this through workshops, webinars, individual coaching for parents, and therapeutic groups.


1.12.21Chris Jones
Chris was brought up in West Wales and after leaving University, started his career as a teaboy and runner, whilst being trained as a cameraman for an independent television and corporate company.
In 1991, he started to work on the other side of the camera and has been presenting, in both English and Welsh, for nearly 30 years, on television, radio, in corporate and public sector events.
A more recent development to the work has been hosting, presenting and facilitating online events.
Chris has many strings to his bow, one of them being a designer of weather related merchandise which has become very popular over the last few years and which are sold world wide.
THE TRUE YOU 24.11.21

The Latest Show

 Laura Williams is a private practice podiatrist with a passion for patient education particularly when treating patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes. This has inspired her interest in diabetic education to the point of writing 3 childrens’ books on both type I & type II diabetes the first of which has been published ”Grandpa diet ad diabetes”.
In February 2019 she got sepsis from an abscess below her jaw (ludwig’s angina). This is where she found out 1st hand how fast sepsis can take hold.
Having sepsis has meant she has had to battle the physical, mental and emotional after effects. This gave her a new purpose in life.
She has since started a YouTube channel called ”Sepsis Education Worthing Sussex”. Her aim is to help health care professionals save lives through education.
She also has a podcast called ”your sepsis stories” where she talks to other survivors as well as health care professionals on their experiences with sepsis.
She also carries out Sepsis updates for clinics either via zoom or in person.
Laura has been a guest speaker Dr Ron Daniels and Hill ROM regarding writing for The Nursing Times.
 BBC Southeast News for world sepsis day 2021.
Since having sepsis Laura has dealt with mental health issues and since she has found that making her bridesmaids bouquets have helped with her mental health. So she has also started an Etsy shop selling wedding bouquets made of old books.
Sepsis website
Etsy shop
Featured in the Daily Mail Health

This Week's Guest


Stephanie Taylor’s life blew up in her 40s.
After decades of thinking that business and wealth were not for her, she became an award-winning property investor with a multi-million pound portfolio, a multi-6-figure business owner, number 1 best-selling author and top 1.5% podcast host. Stephanie is setting up an accommodation and education trust to help people who struggle to find beautiful affordable homes like she did as a teenage single mum on benefits.

In 2021 she was voted Inspirational Person of the Year by Potential Unlocked with Les Brown.

She now lives a life she didn’t imagine was available to her. Her passion now is to share the message with other women to unlock their desires, see the sparks within them and blow up their lives over 40.

Blow up Your Life is a unique one to one Programme to unlock the door to your unique desires and help you recreate your life exactly as you want it. When you know what you truly want, you can live a big, beautiful life of no regrets.

Book a free Ignite your spark call

Blow Up Your Life
HMO Heaven
Rent 2 Rent Success


Prith Biant is a Visual Artist, Writer and Coach.

After working in the corporate sector, she left to set up her first business, The Creative Thinking Company in 2008. Five years ago, she decided to focus on her own creativity as a Visual Artist, and now has an art studio in Cardiff where she regularly undertakes portrait commissions of women – showing them in their element, as their quintessential unique selves.

More recently Prith has started working as an Artist in schools where she uses art to teach black history.

This work has inspired her to write children’s stories- encouraging children to be proud of their cultural identity and to believe in their dreams.

Prith also coaches emerging artists- helping them to find their voice and develop their own art practice.


10.11.21Interview With Prith Briant
17.11.21The True You




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