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Police are investigating terrifying reports that a number of young women have reportedly been targeted and spiked by injection in nightclubs.

It has lead to calls for a boycott of nightclubs in around 30 towns and cities across the UK, and some students have said they are wearing heavier clothes like denim jackets to stop it happening to them.

A university student spiked with an injection has shared her horrendous experience of waking up confused with no memory of the night out.

Zara Owen, 19, who is a student at the University of Nottingham was on a night out in the city with her friends, but can’t remember anything after getting a drink from the bar.

Speaking to the Mirror, Zara said: “I was originally really confused because I woke up with no memory of the night.

“That is something that never happens to me and it was confusing since I hadn’t drank much alcohol.

“When it hit me I had been spiked, I was so shocked to realise this had happened to me as I take the safety measures given very seriously.

“I cover my glasses and I cover my bottles to make sure nothing goes in, but to realise I had been injected is terrifying. I had seen posts about people being injected which is what made me think it had happened to me.”

She says that nothing was out of the ordinary at first, but she had woken up with a sharp, agonising pain in her leg and was walking with a limp.

After speaking to her friends, they informed her that she had been acting out of character, not making any sense and wandering off alone.

Thankfully, a friend was able to get her home safely after spotting her outside the club where she had walked off and was speaking incoherently.

The next morning, she was shocked to find a pin-prick after examining her leg properly.

Superintendent Kathryn Craner, of Nottinghamshire Police, told BBC Breakfast on Wednesday: “Over the last few months we have seen an increase in reports where people believe drugs may have been put in their drinks, and we have received a small number of reports where people have told us it has been associated with a pain, or a mark on their body, or a scratching sensation.

“We are taking these reports very seriously.”

UK records 49,139 further Covid cases and 179 new deaths

write your detail or leave blank

Asked how bad things would need to get before he shifts to “plan B”, Javid insists: “We are concerned.” But he says the vaccines are working and that means the country does not yet need to go that far.

He asks people to speak to their friends and relatives to convince them to get jabbed, as well as speaking to anyone they know who has developed “weird ideas” by reading conspiracy theories online.

The health secretary adds that there is “not just one number we are looking at” when deciding whether or not to introduce stricter measures.

BREAKING: Sajid Javid to hold press conference; 49,139 more people test positive


Katharine Birbalsinghthe new head of the Social Mobility Commission, has told MPs that she would like to launch a national campaign to stop parents letting toddlers use mobile phones.

She cited this as an example of what she might be able to do in her new role, saying that young children were less likely to learn to read if they could play with a phone. She told the Commons women and equalities commission:

My initial thoughts are that I would like national campaigns on things like phones and not giving them to your toddler.

I would love it if we could get to a point where [it is considered] in the same way that we know that you should eat four or five fruit or vegetables in a day, or drink eight glasses of water a day.

We know this because the campaigning has been so clear, and it’s happened over time – years and years, it’s everywhere – it just becomes part of the national consciousness.

I would love it if things like ‘don’t give your child a phone’ were to become part of the national consciousness.

She added that giving young children phones made it more difficult for them to engage in reading, because a “book that’s black and white and flat” is less interesting than a tablet which has “all sorts of flashing images and colours and adverts”.


Join the Debate  


Title HereLive Liverpool weather updates as 'tornado' hits Widnes

We’ll be bringing you the latest updates as heavy rain batters our region.

The Met Office has issued a thunderstorm warning for our area and heavy rain is forecast to last throughout the day.

Some areas of region are already experiencing flooding, as torrential rain continues to fall. Reports have come in of a “tornado” hitting Widnes, flattening walls and toppling trees.

Forecasters are also warning that as well as rain and thunder, gusty winds may cause disruption in some areas.

The yellow weather warning came into force at 4am today and will remain in place until 12pm.

The Met Office forecast for today reads: “Heavy rain and gusty winds for some today.

“A dry start, but a band of occasionally heavy rain will spread eastwards throughout the morning, and will be accompanied by some gusty winds and also hail and thunder in places.

“The rain will turn more showery during the afternoon. Maximum temperature 15 degrees.”

Follow our live blog below for the latest weather updates across Merseyside and pictures.

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