More Than Half of Women Were Seven Months Into the Menopause Before Realizing What It Was

Written by on October 20, 2021

ore than half of women didn’t realize they were going through the menopause until seven months after they first experienced signs, a poll has found.

A new survey of 1,000 women, who are going or have gone through the menopause, found 52 percent took considerable time to realize what was causing the aching joints, fatigue, and anxiety.

The poll found that 30 per cent wish there had been more education available about what to expect during menopause—with one in 10 taking over a year to recognize the signs.

More than a third reckon menopause should be more openly discussed, while a quarter didn’t feel there was enough information readily available about it.

A metallic taste, hair loss, and itchy skin were also among the health complaints women didn’t realize could be linked to menopause—until they were going through it.


Nearly two-thirds agreed menopause should not be a taboo topic and over half admitted it is so much more than ‘when your period stops’—as it’s currently defined in the dictionary.

The survey was commissioned by Always Discreet, which has created an online educational hub offering free menopause masterclasses designed to educate women on how best to manage their menopause.

Emma Gerrard, from P&G Fem Care, UK & Ireland said, “There appears to be a real information gap when it comes to the menopause and clearly many feel it’s simply not spoken of enough.

“But the more women speak to each other about it, the more we can demystify the experience and empower women to live it and define it, their way.

“Many believe women who go through menopause experience a few hot flushes and then their period stops.

“But it can last for many years and there are a variety of other signs some women experience which are completely swept under the carpet and not spoken about. It’s time women got talking.”

The poll also found more than a quarter (28 percent) of women felt ‘too young’ to be going through the menopause when the signs started.

While one in four (24 percent) felt apprehensive and 17 percent felt worried—although 15 per cent admit it left them feeling sentimental about the past.

And 52 per cent would have felt more empowered if they knew more about how to better manage their menopause.

It also emerged 67 per cent admitted they didn’t realize the signs of menopause would last so long.

More Confident

Despite this, more than one in 10 (11 per cent) said they felt more confident since going through the menopause, and a further one in 14 claimed to feel more feminine.

Just under half (45 percent) of those polled, via OnePoll, were lucky to have been able to share their experience with others to try and help them through it all.

But 54 percent said they had no one to help them through the menopause at all.

Always Discreet Brand Ambassador, Lorraine Kelly said: “It took me a while to realize I was going through the menopause, but when I did, it honestly was a relief. It suddenly all clicked and what I had been going through made sense.

“I think it’s because people don’t talk about it enough and so when it does happen, you don’t recognize the signs.

By Good News Network -Oct 19, 2021

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