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Pub offers free Christmas dinner to anyone who is alone this Christmas

If you find yourself alone this Christmas, head over to The Alexandra in Wimbledon SW19 who are keeping up ther yearly tradition of ocffering people who are alone this Christmas a free meal, it proves that Chris

Simply turn up between 12pm and 3pm on Christmas Day to The Alexandra in SW19, and you’ll be treated to a full roast dinner and drinks. It doesn’t matter if you live locally, or not, and the aim is to make it so simple, that anyone who otherwise would have been on their own on Christmas Day would be encouraged to go.

Guests will be seated at tables of four, six or eight people, to enjoy their three-course festive feast. It’s extra special this year, as due to the pandemic, the pub has been unable to run it’s annual tradition for the past two years.

In a tweet, The Alexandra pub wrote: “Don’t be on your own on Christmas Day. Come to the Alex, we’ll give a free roast turkey dinner, free vino, laughs and memories. I absolutely promise you there is no catch, you turn up, we sit you down, you have fun, you go home (we may even be able to do a lift). It’s 100% free.

“We don’t want your email address, don’t need your phone number or care where you live. We don’t care if you have absolutely no intention of ever visiting us ever again in your life. Just don’t be on your own in Christmas Day, come here instead!”

The pub has been operating since 2014, The Alexandra Christmas Day event is not specifically for those who are homeless – although they are welcome too – but for anyone who is feeling lonely and has nowhere to go.

Every year, The Alexandra is inundated with people who would like to volunteer on Christmas Day, and spread some merriment to people who need it most.

The pub said: “We hope to make this the best Christmas ever. If you’re likely to be on your own, please come. You can eat, drink, make friends, wipe down tables, help us to cook or serve or wash up and no doubt make some lifetime friends. We’re all in the same boat really, it’s life isn’t it?”

You can volunteer, or just to find out more about The Alexandra’s Christmas plans, you can email

Read more about the Christmas Wish Trunk

Samaritans launch new ‘Be A Samaritans Christmas Star’ campaign, helping listening volunteers be there for people who need support this Christmas

Christmas may be a time for festive cheer and spending time with loved ones, but figures from Samaritans reveal caller concerns about family have risen for the fifth year in a row.

We can’t ignore the fact that mental health is a struggle for many at this time of year – which is why Samaritans is launching its campaign to ensure listening volunteers at the charity are on-hand to respond to the calls expected during the festive season.

The listening volunteers are a lifeline for some people – one previous Christmas caller credits Samaritans with saving her life. Stephanie, 33 from Kent, phoned Samaritans regularly just after Christmas 2015 when she was really struggling.

“Christmas always felt like a particularly difficult time. One year on Christmas Eve, it all got too much and I tried to take my life,” she says. “I woke up the next day feeling very unwell, but I got dressed and went to visit my family for Christmas. I became good at putting on a front.”

Stephanie, a celebrity manicurist to the stars, who works with Little Mix, Leona Lewis and Disney, continued: “I didn’t know who to speak to, so one night I called Samaritans and let everything out. I remember feeling embarrassed and it took me a long time to get everything out.

“I am so thankful to that volunteer. He saved my life that night. I realised I didn’t want to die. I just didn’t want to hurt anymore.”

Stephanie is now calling on the public to ‘Be A Samaritans Christmas Star’ this season by making a donation or helping Samaritans volunteers be there for others like her by fundraising for the charity.

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