David Amess killed at his surgery in Leigh-On-Sea

Written by on October 15, 2021

Sir David Amess has been brutally murdered at his latest surgery in Leigh-On-Sea.

Father Jeffrey Woolnough, parish priest of the local St Peter’s Catholic church, describes Sir David, who was a Roman Catholic, as a “true friend to everyone”.

He says he was a “wonderful, wonderful man” – “an east ender, you know? Like me.”

He says he will hold mass this evening to pay tribute to the MP, who was a “marvellous support” and friend to him – even inviting him to say mass in the House of Commons chapel.

“All of the Christian community and others that know him from all different faiths will all be saying the same thing – what on Earth has happened? Why has this happened?” he tells the BBC.

“I’m shaking talking to you at the moment because I can’t even begin to understand why this has happened.”

Father Woolnough adds: “What he’s brought to his area is a friendship to everyone who wants his ear and he’s died doing that, that’s the remarkable thing. He’s died serving the people.”

His latest tweet:

PM arrives back at No 10

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now arrived back in London from Bristol, where he was holding a cabinet meeting.

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