Child Benefit Christmas Schedule: When will I receive payments?

Written by on December 23, 2021

Child Benefit Christmas Schedule: When are you going to receive the payments?

It’s important to know when to expect payments over the holidays

Millions of people claim Child Benefit in the UK and are expecting payments, with finances tighter than ever as the holiday season nears.

Planning ahead and budgeting is crucial for any family, and so knowing when you can expect your Child Benefit payments is fundamental.

With Bank Holidays and weekends to contend with, this means that payment dates will be altered slightly from the norm.

What is the schedule over Christmas?

This year, several key dates fall on weekends which mean that Bank Holidays are switched, causing some confusion.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day, on December 25 and December 26, fall on Saturday and Sunday this year, meaning that the Bank Holidays are delayed.

Instead, Monday, December 27, and Tuesday, December 28, are the Bank Holidays which would usually fall on Christmas and Boxing Day.

January 1, New Year’s Day, also falls on a Saturday, meaning that the Bank Holiday is transferred to Monday, January 3.

Child Benefit payment dates over Christmas and New Year

If your payment is due on Monday, December 27 or Tuesday, December 28, it will be made on Friday, December 24.

If your payment is due on Monday, January 3, it will be made on Friday, December 31.

The good news for families is that the payments will be made a few days ahead of usual over the holiday period.

Is there any action required for Child Benefit payment over Christmas and New Year?

You do not need to take any action to receive your Child Benefit payments on these new dates, and they should be processed as normal.

Provided all your details are correct and up to date, HMRC will manage the payment accordingly as they would in any usual period.

This information can help you to budget for the holiday season given the Bank Holidays and festivities which lie ahead.

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